Hide Out

 I've been highly obsessed with camo and have been on the hunt {pun intended} for a good camo/utility jacket forever.  Luckily the wait is over.  I found this little guy at Urban Outfitters Surplus store for TEN DOLLARS.  You know those times you get uber giddy and almost start jumping around the store.  *Might have happened*
Kell and I went on a bit of a reunion date after not seeing each other while he was in Nashville.  Those are my favorite.  Again, that giddy feeling...  We went to the Third Ward {Our dream area of Mke} to hang.  Best for photo ops.
(Jacket Urban Outfitters, Dress H&M, Shoes Forever21, Watch Timex for J.Crew - it's Kell's)

I was reading the cutest blog, Created by Brittany, and I absolutely loved her post yesterday.  She was talking about how she feels like she doesn't have much to say on the blog and just how content she was.  I feel like I have been going, going, going absolutely, completely non-stop and I'm exhausted.  So ready for quietness and stillness.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm beyond thankful for the opportunities I've had recently, but I'm just beginning to {rather intensely} feel that need to recharge. Brit has got it right...
"...in quietness and trust is your strength..."  Isaiah 30:25


  1. You look so lovely! Casual but pretty feminine at the same time:) Sometimes silence is really nice to enjoy as well! xxx

  2. Cute outfit! Love the jacket!


  3. I love that jacket! You look super cute! x


  4. Love this outfit! So jealous you got it for $10!!!! Also I feel the exact same as Brittany does! I never have much to say on my blog but I'm ok with that :) so glad I'm not the only one!

  5. You are SO dang cute girl! I LOVE that first pic ;) I love your style, this camo vest and dress combo is adorable and I love the sandals too! Plus, I totally know those moments you're talking about. I have them often and my hubby gets embarrassed haha :) Also, reunion dates are always the absolute best!!

  6. Haha...I may or may not do that when I find awesome pieces like that :p I love the dress underneath the jacket a lot!

  7. Hello! Thanks so much for your recent post on my blog! What a total steal! I love urban outfitters and I adore camo :) If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  8. Hahaha I know exactly what you mean, when I find an amazing bargain like that I hold it tight and excitedly look around the store as if it is some big secret that only I have found. Great find though, and it looks lovely on you!


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