Fam Style

 I apologize for the poor photo quality but this was just too good to not blog.  Plus my SIL {sister in law} was soooo excited about taking my picture I couldn't NOT put it up.  Because she's amazing.  Our last night in Phoenix Kell, his brothers and their women went out to watch B and his band Vinyl Station play at The Yard.  It's basically like your outdoors in a yard playing, but you're really indoors in the air conditioning.  Genius.

 We rode our bikes to The Yard as seems to be our tradition with Drew and Kyndle.  And yes, Drew and Kellen decided to be twins in their J.Crew shirts.  B wants one now too.  Naturally.
 (Tank H&M, Shorts Gap cut-offs, Sandals Forever21, Necklace J.Crew)

The girls that belong to the other brothers are amazing.  It really makes me wish I could hang out with them daily instead of once or twice a year.  Total bummer.

And let me tell you, I found mega deals on this outfit.  The tank was 5 bucks. FIVE.  And my sandals were $6.80.  We're talking deals and steals.  I love summer sales.  Cha-ching.


  1. I LOVVVVVE those hanging lights. What a neat outdoors indoor area! You guys have the biggest smiles on your faces...must have been so much fun!

    I want those sandals!!

  2. lovely post, just found your blog. i love it.
    care to follow each other? let me know. thanks


  3. hey sweet girl! love your photos!
    to answer your question, we're actually up north near bothell! :)

    The DayLee Journal

  4. ok this outdoors but indoors business is amazing. and i love the bike riding photos haha that looks so cute! and your steals are bow-worthy. so this is me bowing ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. I probably love this a little too much! You guys are all such babes, I can't get enough!

  6. Very cute pictures and I love all the action shots. The concept of The Yard is genius by the way, wish I had something like that near me.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  7. Always such perfect!

  8. I love how you have such gratitude for your life and fabulous people who you share it with! Your post reminds me that I need to take time to reflect on these blessings, myself!
    xx oo xx oo

    Lauren at adorn la femme


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