Holding Pattern

 Sundays are my favorite.  Nothing makes it better than a little sundress.  
On the way to church, I asked Kellen why I haven't worn this dress more.  It's clearly a winner
{At times like this, Kell just looks at me like, "Am I really supposed to answer that?"}
Also, shout out to my pal Jasmine for snapping my pics after a Panera date.  First time pro.
(Dress J.Crew (similar), Shoes Old Navy, Belt Thrifted, Glasses Urban Outfitters)

Recently Kell and I have been saying that our life seems to be in a holding pattern.  We're not sure if we'll be in Milwaukee long-term, which makes thoughts of buying a house a little blurry.  I feel like it might be time to find a real girls job, you know, one of those 9-5 things.  {And lets be honest, the big question is - to chop my hair off or no?}  It can get frusterating and overwhelm my mind quite a bit when I start trying to gain control of all these things.  And the truth is I cannot bring these things into control, all I can do is wait and trust.  Kellen was sick this weekend and it was so bad.  He's laying on the floor almosted passed out and I'm thinking I'm going to be widowed at a ripe young age.  And what the heck am I going to do with my life.  {Dramatic, I know}.  I fell asleep just repeating, "I trust You, I trust You."  One day, maybe, this trust thing will come so much easier?  You'd think it'd get easier considering all that He has done for Kell and I, but somehow, each new circumstance always catches me off guard...  One day...

"There are many plans in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's counsel - that will stand"
Proverbs 19:21 



  1. cute dress! i love those purple sandals with it! great outfit!

    XO Meghan

  2. Nice outfit love the glasses :)

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  3. Ah, is Kell feeling better?! That is a scary feeling :( Thank God we don't have to lean on our own understanding :)

  4. such a lovely dress :)


  5. Such a cute dress! I love the print and the colored belt is so fun. Love the shoes as well. Such a great pop of color : )


  6. Love the dress! You look so sweet :)

    Do you want follow each other?
    If you want follow me and tell me I will follow right back :)

  7. This dress is so so cute on you! Love the sandals, too!

    Xo, Hannah


  8. Those glasses! So cute, love how they make the dress stand out even more!

  9. So much going on. I COMPLETELY understand. And really, are you sure you need to get a "real girl job". Pfff...I mean really, what does that even mean? ;) Anyway, I've been doing a lot of soul searching too lately, and I found this blog and book to be very helpful, hopefully you will, too - http://www.allisonvesterfelt.com/

  10. Awesome styling of a great dress... and those sandals of to die for!



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