Casual Friday

 Since spring I have been on the hunt for a pair of overalls.  While I was in Phoenix my generous sister in law pulled a pair out of her closet and said I could have them {because she had THREE pairs - awesome.}  There is no way my actual sister would have a pair to give me, in fact she's probably choking on her Cracklin Oat Bran seeing me in overalls.  She is continuously is telling me the 80s are over.  I'm continuously telling her I didn't really have the chance she did to live up the actual 80s...  
But I'm loving them now, in 2013.  These things are unreal comfy.
(Shirt J.Crew (similar), Overalls gifted/Lucky, Shoes Chinese Laundry, Sunnies H&M, Earrings Forever21)

Soooo, thanks so much Kyndle Lynn. You're amazing.  
And sister of mine {Kelly} I know you lived in a pair in college {wait, didn't you get engaged in a pair?!}.  I'm just trying to be like you. Finally. ;)

Also, I did a little guest post over at Heart of a Blonde this week... go check it out, Molly had some amazing girls posting for her while she was surgery recovering.

I am so ready for a weekend.  It's supposed to actually hit 80 - which means you'll find me by the pool attemping to finally finish Devil in the White City.  Hope your weekend is just incredible! 


  1. Super chic and casual outfit! You look so pretty! Those photographs are adorable!
    Have a fabulous time!


  2. Those overalls are so cute on you! I wish I could pull them off! :) I love your blog, I'm your newest follower! xo Madeline

  3. Love your overalls, I've been looking for the perfect one.
    I think I may have found one at Urban.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  4. YESSS these are great! I went into Marshalls the other day and asked a lady who worked there if they carried overalls.. She looked at my funny and said, "No. No we don't." She thought I was ridiculous!

  5. Amazing =)

    Check out my new post =)

  6. I've been lusting after a pair of overalls all summer and just haven't found any I like. I love yours though. I like how casual they are and slightly rugged looking. I love that striped tee as well. So cute! : )


  7. You make me want a pair of overalls so badly!

  8. Really nice look! Would u like to follow each other?


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