Days 'n Days

 These last couple days we've been hit with some heat and I am such a happy girl.  I'm trying to make the most out of my closet and dug up this flannel skirt that I've had since the first week I moved to Seattle.  {Seemed fitting to have a flannel skirt there.}  Feeling pretty good about that treasure now.
Tank J.Crew, Skirt Urban Outfitters (old), Shoes Urban Outfitters (old), Necklace Forever21, Sunnies H&M

I started meeting up some girls these past few weeks to talk about life and keep each other accountable.  Last week one of the girls was talking about how she moved here for her husbands job as well, and she's really trying to find her calling and what she's ment to do for their time here.  She's determined to live well and has a passion for making the most of life.  Not gonna lie, that hit me rather hard.  It's been a little rough for me adjusting to this city and a new life here - and it's one I occasionally brush off and just think "Well, in the next city we move to it will be better - I'll have a better attitude."  Totally called me out.  I have had a super sucky attitude towards MKE {especially in the winter, ahem} and haven't even given it a chance.  I want to live well. To make the most of what I'm called to do here and to really get to know and enjoy people.  This summer has been amazing in terms of meeting and hanging out with such great people.  It's helping me to see that maybe life here isn't so bad after all.  That maybe I just need to stick it out, turn my frown upside down and forge ahead with hope.  So.  Here goes.

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  1. That skirt looks lovely on you Julie and I love how carefree and happy you look in that last photo!


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