Emerald For Days

 Not going to lie, this might be my first ever green purchase.  Ok, third.  The third green thing in my closet.  Guess I'm finally getting on the Emerald bandwagon.  Naturally, finding a plush background seemed like the perfect thing to do.  Green saturation.  And can we talk about this stripped tee?  I actually got it the first time I worked at J.Crew back in 2006.  I gave it to my friend Cor and we just swapped back a bit ago.  It's like a brand new shirt again!  Surprise!
(Dress J.Crew, Shirt J.Crew (old), Sandals H&M, Earrings Forever21, Glasses Urban Outfitters)

Yesterday was basically the first day of Fall.  The air was so crisp {which did make my morning run incredible} and I ventured back to steaming, hot coffee.
Gosh I miss summer so much already.  I feel like I'm absolutely dreading Fall this year.  Not because of actual Fall, but because that means Winter is so close.  I'm terrified of winter coming again.  And that's a serious statement.  And you're probably sick of hearing about the weather...  Welp...
Huummmmppp Day!


  1. this is soo pretty i love how u added in the shirt underneath! great color!

    xo Meghan

  2. I am so excited for fall but also extremely terrified of winter too! Lord help us.

  3. This looks amazing on you - love the added stripes! I have a few green items but it is probably the colour I own least of - except for maybe yellow xo

  4. I had that shirt too from '06 {j.crew work buddy!} but it got a hole...sad day. :(

  5. your glasses are absolutely adorable!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  6. Is it REALLY already crisp in the mornings?! Wow. It is so hard to believe that fall is right around the corner!! You look so good in green.. I can't believe you don't have more of it!

  7. super cute! love your glasses too!


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