Last Chance Summer

 Thankfully, summer has returned to MKE.  It's been gloriously hot, giving me a chance I didn't think I'd have to share with you my most favorite summer possession...  The little black romper.  I got this thing back in April for our St. Kitts trip and have worn it pretty much non-stop {including romping through Brooklyn here}, just interchanging belts.  Forever21 really does do great work sometimes.
Romper Forever21 (spring), Belt Thrifted, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Sunnies H&M

Poor Kell had hip surgery this week and he is down for the count.  It's the weirdest thing to see your manly husband {really, he never never complains} grimacing and whining.  For him to say, "Sorry I'm such a baby right now" is fairly unreal.  That's usually my line.  It also happens to show me just how selfish I am.  I took a walk to Starbucks mid-surgery and the whole time all I could think about was, 'Kellen would never even think about leaving the hospital'.  {I know, I tend to dramatize EVERYTHING - he could probably care less if I got Starbs.}  Or I might have started crying because I felt stressed out and overwhelmed at all the chores of caring for a handicap {lucky for us, we do get a handicap parking sticker!!}.  Ah, the beauty of marriage.  Oswald says to not focus on self, and let pity take over, but learn from your downfalls and move on.  Ok.  Here we go.

Hope your weekend is full of much goodness and grace! 


  1. love this romper on u! hope u have a good weekend girl hang in there ;)

    XO Meghan

  2. Really cute romper, love how you paired it with the colourful belt! :)

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  4. The outfit is a lot fun, i love belts and this one is so good. Aw poor guy, hope the recovery will be swift and with much less pain.

  5. Wonderful post dear! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!
    This is all so lovely!
    follow each other?

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  7. This is a cute outfit and I really like your writing style. I'm sorry your husband is having a tough time, but hopefully he has a speedy recovery!

    xoxo Jackie

  8. Like your romper! So cute with your little colored belt :)


Thanks for the love!