Crazy Does It

 There is nothing I love more than an oversized sweater with a slouch pair of pants.  The comfiest and {in my mind} chic-est thing around.  One of my managers at J.Crew pulls this look of perfectly. Whenever I attempt it, I call it the Desa.  If I were to pick a uniform, this would be it. Hands down.
 (Shirt Forever21 (super old), Pants H&M, Shoes DSW, Necklace Forever21)

This photo shoot was one of basically slap-happiness.  The end of an abnormally long day involving no lunch break.  It ended up being somewhat of a release to flail around and giggle.  I did have one serious, good picture, but I left it out simply because it just doesn't belong.  Some days you just have to let the crazy out, ya know?


  1. i like the change of background! and those hot pink pants are pretty awesome.

  2. Comfort and looking chic?!?! You gotta love that right!! When I am in a hurry I also like to go with some bright pants and a comfy roomy top. You look so giggly and happy in these photos, I'm loving it ;)

  3. Love all! Fine color & combination. Fine look

  4. adore these pants!!! the color is fab!!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  5. Fab color pants and Love the slouchy sweater!

  6. I love how happy you look! And why wouldn't you be, when you're rocking such a great outfit?!


Thanks for the love!