Pencils and Pearls

 Not going to lie, I adore pencil skirts.  Something about them just really makes me feel like a powerful woman.  Especially if it's in a bold color {even if it ends up looking ridiculously saturated on the blog... whoops}.  Throw in a pair of pearls... No one will ever stop me, basically.
(Shirt Thrifted, Skirt J.Crew, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Necklace H&M, Glasses Urban Outfitters, Watch Timex, 
Bracelet Madewell)

Let me tell you.  Since starting this 8-5 business I have come to absolutely adore Fridays.  Best. Day.  And I've also come to packing too much into the weekend that I didn't accomplish during the week.  The end result is a very tired girl on Sunday night who wishes she still had another day to rest.  So.  This is my goal this weekend - to rest.  Even if it means dishes don't get washed and food doesn't get made {sorry Kell}.  I've just hit that limit.  My body is saying, "Please.  Just lay on the couch and watch episode after episode of The O.C."  Ok.  I'll listen.  
Hope your weekend is full of rest and fall bliss. 


  1. I hope you take time for yourself to rest a bit! I have a feeling I'm going to bake something with pumpkin this weekend to share with friends.

  2. love the creative spin on this professional look. so fab!


  3. Stylish outfit! Love it!


  4. I love this shade of purple on the skirt! Very effortlessly chic look!

  5. a) your job sounds like a dream, and
    b) those are the chic-est geek glasses ever.


Thanks for the love!