Yellow Brick Road

Kell and I took a little adventure trip to Kansas for my lil bro's wedding.  I had not been to Salina, Ks since freshmen year of high school for state volleyball.  Needless to say, I needed to do a little adventuring in the form of finding coffee with my pal Amber.  We found the cutest little coffee/book store and a delish mocha, attempted to sit in the 90 degree sun {lasted 10 minutes before sweat was running down my leg} then headed in for some much needed convo.
I adore my nephews.  There are so many pictures on my phone, but I decided not to bombard you. Burke up top right, Sam down below in the pink bow-tie {which I died over}.  And their preggo mamma... I love my fam.
After the wedding, Galen and Justean took the party outside to a Pumpkin Patch literally in the middle of nowhere, amidst gravel roads.  It was perfect.  This girl needed some wide open Kansas spaces and I just was reveling in the beauty of Kansas I've never before acknowledged.  All trumped by the glowing couple.  Gosh those two are cute. 

Sunday morning Kellen and I got up at the butt crack of dawn to make the 13 hour roadtrip back to Milwaukee.  Some friends of mine had been raving via instagram about a coffee shop a guy I went to college with opened call Quey Coffee.  After convincing Kell to stop for coff {slightly off the beaten path and might have got lost twice} I shot a quick text to an old pal {who's husband shot my wedding photos} asking to meet us.  It was glorious.  The Kansas heat.  The mocha.  The company.  For a second I wanted to live downtown Kansas City, Mo.  Every time Kell and I go back to our respective homes, we realize what great friends we've made along the way and how great it would be to be close to said friends one day.  Well, one day.
 Such a great weekend.  I realized however, I didn't get a picture of my beautiful mom and handsome.  Or one with my babe of a husband.  Funny how that'll happen.  Welp, next trip.
In the meantime, I'll be savoring my time.  The hour run/amazing convo with my BFF, giggling with my SM {soul mate}, hanging with the fam and, in general, just loving the people I don't often get to see.

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  1. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great time there! This little coffee shop seems so cozy and nice to sit and waste time :)
    And oh such a romantic country wedding! I love looking at wedding photos! <3


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