Hear Me Roar

 Wearing this sweater {last seen here} just makes me sing Katy Perry's "Hear Me Roar" all. day. long.  And I'm completely fine with that.  It's officially sweater weather.  I haven't looked into sweaters yet due to my shopping fast, so I'm recycling last year faves.  This one was for sure a personal winner.
(Sweater Forever21, Pants T.J. Maxx, Shoes Payless, Necklace J.Crew)

Though the new job-y job I happnened to met a fellow who is good with a camera.  Special thanks to David for taking my pictures on a whim {literally, he walked in the building with a camera and I started begging}.  I love where I work for the simple fact of who happens to work in my building.  Such a melting pot.  And it happens to work in my favor sometime. 
Check out his work at David Songco Photography.


  1. i was just thinking, your photos look great!
    cute sweater girl :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. Loooove that sweater!! Makes me want fall

  3. Darn it, now you've got that song in my head!

    Love the sweater and I love the shoes you're wearing. So cute!

  4. Great combination, I like it a lot! :)


Thanks for the love!