Hey. Over There.

 This tee. I love it. Yet somehow I seem to hardly wear it.  In my mind I feel like I have to make it look super, super cool.  And well, I just really wanted to dress down my blazer and pants.  Oh hey, cool tee.  Mixing camel and black is also one of my favorite fall looks.  In case you were wondering. 
(Blazer J.Crew, Tee Urban Outfitters, Pants Nordstrom, Shoes H&M, Earrings J.Crew)

So.  I've gotten much braver about asking people to take my picture.  I use to limit myself to Kellen because I felt most comfortable that way.  But recently {and I'm sure he's quite thankful} I've been branching out a bit.  With Molly on a mini-vaca to Minnesota I asked a co-worker who happens to be well versed in asking people to take pictures of her as well.  Kate did such a great job.  She make me laugh and feel so comfy {and managed to snap a cute little blooper pic - "Hey, lets go over  there"}.  But really, I couldn't be more happier to work with her.  She's such a peach and totally up for anything. Anytime.  Keeps it fun up in The Hudson.


  1. ahh love this lily! that blazer is fab on u!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Your collegue did a great job, love how at ease you look! the color of the blazer kills it!
    Simona Lake&Moon


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