This outfit.  Had to be my most favorite outfit of the week. Super comfy, while feeling super fun.  And I'm STILL obsessed with these pants.  I know, summer is officially over, but I am still just loving the reflective sunnies.  I'm a summer girl at heart - have to to keep that in my life.
(Sweater J.Crew, Pants J.Crew, Shoes DSW, Sunnies H&M, Earrings H&M)

Lately Kellen and I haven't had the best time of getting out of the house for date night's.  We've become total homebodies, with work being fairly hectic.  However, last Friday night we went out to Firefly, a local spot, and grabbed a glass of wine.  {And there has something to be said for two lovers drinking some wine...}  We sat there for two hours talking about life, training for triathlons, swimming techniques, our small group/community, the future - everything.  Giggling and flirting.  At a table for 5.  Then we decided to surprise some friends with Fro-Yo so we rushed to Yo-Mamma's right at closing time, grabbed a pint, drove over and sneaked it in, not to wake Meg.  It was so late, like 10.  We were crazy kids for a second in time.  It was glorious.  Then we laid in bed listening to Tiesto's Kaleidoscope reminiscing about what moments it took us back to when we lived  in Seattle {go figure, it was both of our pre-workout/run song - and we didn't even know each other}.  I love my man.  It is amazing to continuously get to know him and see how perfect he is for me.
He's my biggest blessing. 


Thanks for the love!