Run With Me

 Just a quick warning... this post has zero fashion in it.  I'm simply taking you on a run.  Last week I went for a run after work {in the sunlight, as opposed to the now pitch dark morning runs}.  It was like a whole world had opened up.  The colors were just unreal, and being in the lower 50s, everything just felt so crisp, brisk and alive.  I just had to share with you.

I started over in the Third Ward and made my way to the water, running under the 794 bridge and along Summer Fest Grounds.  Seriously, light houses are just too cute not to photograph.  Then through a little park area {that is STILL covered in gross bugs that fly in my mouth} toward the art museum and downtown.  In Vetran's park there's a little pier that juts out and give you an amazing view of lake Michigan and, as you're coming back, a crazy good view of the city - usually with all the buildings glittering in the setting sunlight.  It's a win win.  As I made my way back, it got to chilly to pull my phone out for more pics, so it ended there.  But I felt so alive.  There's something about Fall that is just the runner's season.  I'm able to just move quicker and farther.  I feel fast.  And the colors create the best scenery.  It's runs like these that really keep me going.

And now I just completely nerd-ed out out on you.  I'm sorry. #notsorry ;)


  1. This is a hop, skip and a jump away from my old neighborhood! These pictures made me super nostalgic even though I only left that apartment like, two weeks ago. :) Such a beautiful part of town!

  2. wow, what a beautiful place for a run!
    love the colors!!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}


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