So it's been a little over a year and a half since I've last ran a marathon.  I did one in 2012 {January} and just HAD to do one this year.  So, I decided last Wednesday to go for marathon number 6 - the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon on Sunday. {Because the race was sold out, a man sold his bib to me.  His name was named Martin, therefore, people cheered for Marilyn and Marty the whole time and it was usually accompanied by weird looks. A girl named Martin? Ha} 
It was such a beautiful course!  Fall in all it's glory over the country side as well as cute little neighborhoods of ritzy of Shorewood as well as by the gorgous Lakefront.  
Mid-50s/60s... couldn't have asked for better weather. 
The only 'training' I did for this was run a 15 miler three weeks ago.  So clearly this time around I wasn't obsessive.  I ate a massive bowl of pumpkin fro-yo Saturday night before bed.  I slept like a baby instead of tossing and turning.  And surprise, surprise - I PR-ed by 10 minutes. 
 I just felt SO. GOOD.  So strong. {I almost started crying when I saw the finish because I knew my time was way under normal - covered in goosebumps of gladness} Maybe it's because I hadn't killed myself training.  Maybe it's because I wasn't putting massive amounts of pressure on myself to PR.  
{Or maybe b/c this was the chilliest race I've ran?}  I'm not sure, but whatever it was, I dig it.  
That runners high.  It's no joke people.
Now, only have to shave off another 10 minutes and I'm Boston-bound.

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  1. Girl... you are seriously like the biggest stud EVER. I cannot believe how awesome you are! I love watching Boston so much {so much that if you were there that would HIGHLY motivate me to go again ;) } and running it would be even so much more amazing for you!


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