Mucho Gracias

 Last week Molly and I were talking about our go-to uniforms.  This my dear friends, is mine.  Baggy sweater, stretchy skirt, classy flats and a statement necklace.  Something about it just makes me feel so comfy as well as put together.  It's the one thing I have no problem just yanking out of the closet whatever the occasion {well, almost}, especially when it's crazy holiday season and I need something easy when everything is just crazy.
(Sweater Forever21, Skirt Forever21, Shoes Chinese Laundry, Necklace J.Crew, Sunnies Forever21)

I'm in the great state of Texas for Thanksgiving {which I couldn't be more elated about - hello warmer weather and adorable nephews and brand new niece!}. In spite of Thanksgiving I just want to say thank you.  To you.  I want you to know I couldn't more thankful for your readership and comments.  You readers are what keep me keepin on.  Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me.
Now.  Go eat, enjoy your fam/friends and shop like mad.  Woot Woot!


Thanks for the love!