Put A Collar Under It

 Kell and I were chatting - we love oxfords.  As in oxford shirts {I mean I do love oxford shoes too.  Who am I kidding - I love everything oxford}.  I wear a button-up at least twice a week and well, he's pretty much a 7 day a week-er.  Nothing does it for us like a classic white oxford.  This was one of those mornings where I walked out of the room and realized we're semi-twins.  
Great minds and all that... {Or we do this a lot and we're turning into the same person?}
 (Him - Sweater J.Crew (on sale!), Oxford Stafford, Jeans Levi, Shoes Sperry's, Belt J.Crew, Watch Timex
Her - Peplum Madewell (on sale!), Oxford J.Crew, Jeans J.Crew, Shoes Payless, Sunnies F21, Earrings Urban Outfitters)

And a little tid bit on this most amazing of peplum shirts...  I was supposed to be working one Thursday morning at 7:30am, however, I was online shopping {makes total sense - it's way to early to actually do work, right?} and feel head over heels for this little peplum - I mean hello, leather detail!?  I previously had refused to jump on the peplum train.  However, we all know Madewell knows what the heck they're doing and that they can honestly talk me into almost anything.  That Thursday morning, they totally suckered me in the peplum.  I'm officially a follower. 
{and a late one at that.}
   I'm kinda loving doing his/her posts.  And it's nice because, after last week, Kell realizes if I take his pic, he's probably going to be on the blog.  He's such a sport.  I also love that he's kinda into it - that he doesn't mind doing photo shoots and he gets a little excited about playing with the 60D.

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  1. Cute!! I love peplum!!!! and that leather detail! I love it! Madewell has such cute things!!!
    love this post. lucky you that your husband lets you take pictures of him. asking my hubby to pose in front of the camera? not so easy, haha. He is always like "what do I do?" but eventually he caves in haha!


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