Put A Lid On It

 While in Chicago last weekend I might have snagged my pal Corrie's amazing floppy hat.  I've been heavily considering one for myself for quite sometime.  This thing put me over the edge.  She got it from Target - in case you're wondering.  God 'ole Target.  Somehow the hat makes me feel so boho.  Especially when hanging in such a cool city.  In mostly black.  It's the little things.
 (Shirt Thrifted, Cardi Madewell, Pants J.Crew, Shoes Old Navy, Hat Target)

I was listening to an old Tim Keller series recently and he was talking about city-living and how Christians have a huge opportunity there.  When Paul was 'telling the nations' he didn't actually travel to nations all over the world and learn the cultures then try to reach the people there, he simply went to cities in the countries he could get to.  He preach the Word and many people, from nations all over the world, heard.  Tim was saying that cities are where culture is created.  Where people sharpen each other as they learn and engage in bettering themselves and their talents.  And how as Christians we have so much more of an opportunity to really reach many nations in a city.  I loved this concept.  Cities really have stolen this county girl's heart.  I love the hustle and bustle.  I love the culture and creativity.  Tim called me out and said I needed to be giving back to my city.  Investing in it.  Showing the city the Light - having a heart for the city I dwell in.  I have much more of an opportunity to make an impact here.  I like that challenge.  Thanks Tim.


  1. Nice outfit! Love the hat! I'm going to check out Target!


  2. super cute. i love that thrifted shirt.


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