This Guy

 This guy is going to be really angry when he sees this post.  Getting him in front of the camera is like pulling teeth.  And I *might have* promised I wouldn't put anything up on the blog.
LIAR LIAR pants on fire.  But he's just too too cute {in my wifey opinion}.  
{You can tell how thrilled he is in the photo below}
(Outfit 1- Jacket Patagonia, Sweatshirt J.Crew, Jeans Levi, Hat North Face, Shoes Thrifted, Watch J.Crew
Outfit 2 - Shirt J.Crew, Jeans Levi, Shoes Thrifted, Beanie Neff, Sunnies Knockaround)

And here's more bragging about my man.
1. He dresses himself.  I do occassionally pick him up things, but he puts everything together and has strong opinions on what he's wearing.  Makes me proud.
2. He spoils me way too much.  Totally suprised me with the camera of a lifetime - so really, he had to see photo shoots galore coming...
3. I can't get over him.  Ever.
I love how he continually pushes me.  He's the one who encouraged me to start blogging.  He's the one who bought me a ridic amazing camera {Canon 60D!!!} to encourage me in photography.  He's always telling me to go after what I love and pursue things that align with my life dream.  He's a go-getter.  I'm a cautious, slow preceding person.  He pushes me.  In such a good way.  He's got my back.  He thinks I am great at things I'm pretty sure I'm just so-so at.  I can't handle it sometimes.
What. A. Guy.


  1. what an AMAZING gift!
    sounds like you've got yourself a keeper :)

  2. Keep bragging! (And keep showing off that camera.)

  3. someone is using these pics on a profile on OKCupid.. just thought you might want to know.. that's how I found this page, I'm a moderator and reported the profile



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