Bouts of Doubts

 Keeping in line with my love for shapeless dresses comes my love for oversized, shapeless pants.  I had spotted these pants a while ago at Urban Outfitters, but thought I'd let the price drop a bit.  Then, a true Christmas miracle, I snagged them for TEN dollars.  I have highly contemplated going back for all the colors {since it's the holiday season, of course I had to go with the red, but the black is calling to me as well}.  But seriously, so comfy - like wearing your PJ's all day.  I'll take that.
(Blazer J.Crew, Tee J.Crew, Pants Urban Outfitters, Heels Payless, Necklace F21, Earrings Gifted, Sunnies H&M)

Occasionally, like everyone, I go through moments of huge self-doubt and insecurity.  Being a people pleaser, sometimes I think way to much about what people *might* be thinking about me.  Recently, I've been doubting blogging.  I've been told by people that they love what I do and get inspiration from it, which is great, but sometimes I often wonder if people think I'm just really into myself.  Since I'm also an avid runner, I end up spending a huge chunk of time running and/or at the gym {all in hopes of one day qualifying for the Boston Marathon, thoughts of an Iron Man keep popping up and just continuing to push myself in general}, but when you combine a gym rat/running freak with a fashion blog, I often think people think I just can't get over myself.  I would hope that I don't come off that way, but recently, it's been consuming my mind.  I typically have a pretty high self-confidence - I've just recently had a large bout of really second guessing myself.  It's one of those things that I just pray one day I can actually make money doing this, so it seems more legit.  
Haha, until then... 


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean, I'm also a runner and a blogger and I constantly doubt myself. But I've come to realize that if this is something I'm really into, to just accept it. Think of it more like an art, fashion is a form of art anyways and getting the opportunities to talk to people who share your interests and share your passion is very rewarding. Everyone has something their really into, whether it's video games, making podcasts, photography, etc, just don't worry about it and just enjoy your hobby. :) On that note, I absolutely love this outfit (Cant believe you got those for ten bucks!!). Outfits where your comfortable and cute are always a win

  2. Julie, I feel like this blog is you sharing with all your girlfriends about something you totally love (and girlfriends you haven't met yet haha!) and you are so cute, so funny, and trendy that all you do is inspire the rest of us to try new things and enjoy too. Definitely not that "you can't get over yourself"! The only person who could think that about you has something missing about herself in her own heart and head that only the Lord can help her with. keep up the fun reading, PLEASE!!! xo Heather

  3. definitely don't feel that you give off that vibe whatsoever.
    you're too cute for that! lol

    xo, Brikena

  4. This outfit is just perfect to go out and have a stroll on the open air. I love the way those shoes look with those pants,the price of the pants is also very attractive)) Those photographs are adorable!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  5. That necklace is so cute!! Also, I love the color of your pants.

  6. Jewels! I like this blog so that I know what is going on in your life. Beside the point that you are adorable and also you put your thoughts out there it is not all about fashion. The thing about a blog you never really know who you are reaching and how you effect people especially the ones that don't comment. Love you and keep your chin up! Merry Christmas mi sobrina!

  7. your last paragraph about blogging is totally relatable. It's truly tougher to "stand out" from so many other bloggers that I also doubt myself. Like you, I'm also a "people pleaser" AND I'm also an introvert. I truly don't like the "all me" attention yet, I blog about my outfits and pose by myself. It's so ironic.
    In other news however, I adore the look. Those pants are so fun!

  8. fab style! those pants are so chic and great blog xx

  9. the boyfriend and I had a debate last night about how house pants could be worn out and look cute. He doesn't believe me, so I'll be showing him this post--thank youuuu!

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