Glitter and Gold

The thing I just love about this time of year {I've probably already stated this once or twice...} is that I love adding gold and glitter to my wardrobe.  Totally just makes everything so festive.  To be honest, I almost feel like this is the only natural time of the year to stomp around in these sneaks.  And maybe Valentines day.  Middle of the summer - girl's feeling weird about it.
(Sweater H&M, Pants H&M, Shoes F21, Earrings J.Crew, Necklace Charming Charlies, Sunnies F21)

The thing about these high waisted pants is that I never show that they're high waisted.  And really, they make me feel sick to my stomach.  The day I wore these I was texting the hubs telling him I just knew I was prego because my tum felt so so bad that morning.  I thought I was going to throw up.  So I ate a donut {natural move when your tum hurts, right?}.  Then my pants felt even tighter and I realized it was the pants making my tum hurt.  It was a long 8 hour day after that realization.


  1. these sneakers are SOOO cool!

  2. What a fun outfit! I love the trousers, but mostly those sneakers - they are fabulous!

  3. You already know how I feel about those shoes. They speak to me. I’m still so sad you got them last year.

    But adooore these photos! The backdrop with all the white snow is perfect for your outfit’s vibrant hues. And I feel you on tummy-aching high-waist pants. All of my high-waist items tend to stay neglected in my closet because of that looming pain! Food > pretty pants, of course.

    xo, lily on fillmore


Thanks for the love!