Golden Flashback

 "Is that you?!" is what Kellen said when he saw this.  Yes, yes it is that you very much, last January.  I still just love this outfit - pencil skirt and men's J.Crew sweater- but oh, how things have changed.  Not only am I a short-haired, bleach blonde, but I've also upgraded from taking iPhone pictures to Canon shots - which {hopefully} means the blog quality has improved a bit too. I went through and picked out some of my faves from the past year - so here goes January 2013- December 2013.  Boom.

This past year was my golden year - 27 years on the 27th of December. I've always dreamed this would be the ultimate year and, not gonna lie, it was probably my favorite so far. The amount of travel Kellen I were blessed with was unreal. Seattle, St. Kitts, NYC, Cali, Phoenix, Kansas, Texas and back to Cali - sprinkled with numerous Chicago trips. I can't get over it, really. So much adventure and fun was had.  After 2 years of marriage, I feel like Kell and I have really just hit that sweet spot - knowing exactly how the other thinks/responds.  We've become mind readers and true companions. I love everything about us. I also love that I have a blog to go back and remember my year by.  Especially since I remember things in outfits.  Ask me the date - I don't know, but I can tell you what I was wearing when that moment happened.  And let's be honest here - short blonde > long dirty blonde.  I also can't believe it's been 2 years since I've started this blog.  I won't include my first posts - it's painfully embarrassing - but it's been such a great journey. Here's to 28 and year 3 of blogging.  See if we can top the Golden Year.
Happy New Year to YOU!  I know I've said this before, but thank you so much for reading.  It really, truly means the world to me.


  1. ahh you look a lot older/sophisticated with your newer 'do! maybe i need to go blonde? haaaa probably better than i don't. favorite looks are definitely that amazing j. crew tuxedo shirt, the army jacket outfit and the green pants outfit. SO good.

    glad i stumbled upon your blog this year! have a great new NYE!

    xo, valerie @ lily on fillmore

  2. Love looking over the last year! Great pics Great outfits Great smiles!

  3. haha i remember last years posts in that purple pencil skirt!
    unfortunately, im still doing the iphone photos... my camera was too difficult to deal with for quick shots lol

    happy new year! wishing you a year full of love and happiness and a great wardrobe - the main ingredients to another Golden year :) :P haha

    xo, Brikena

  4. Julie, you have grown into a stinkin' cute adult with fabulous taste...Happy New Year!
    an old old baby-sitter


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