Jewel Tones

I learned a hard lesson recently.  If you take clothing to consignment stores, apparently they can donate your bags of clothing if you don't pick it back up within 24 hours.  So I lost a load of clothing {which, lets be honest, I didn't need anyway} but gained $43.15 in credit.  I found this little skirt for $5 - really took a chunk out of that $43...  But it is perfect, especially around the holidays.
(Shirt J.Crew, Skirt Re-Threads, Tights J.Crew, Earrings J.Crew, Shoes Payelss)

Isn't it nuts how crazy this time of year gets?  I'm trying my hardest to make it slow down.  I feel like every year just keeps getting faster and faster - especially when there's only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Suddenly, I'm having my 3rd Christmas in Milwaukee {and with Kell}.  How has life gone so fast!?  Sheez.


Thanks for the love!