Monday Velvet

 Monday's after vaca are officially the worst.  Especially when you're thrown back into tundra-like temperatures after laying on a beach.  Brutal.  At least I got to wear this velvet little top without a layer under it once this season.  Also slightly dying over these little kicks I found at Forever21...  Not dying over - this bag.  The handle ripped 20 minutes into the airport line.  I guess that's what I get for a cheap thrill.  But it was so cute for the pictures.  Shoot.
(Shirt F21, Jeans Nordstrom, Shoes F21, Necklace Anthropologie, Earrings Macy's, Bag F21, Sunnies F21)

 Since it IS a Monday after vaca - I really don't have much to say except, "I'll have a triple shot, please and thank you". 

Oh - and shout out to my sister in law Kyndle and Alex for the great jewelry in the post.  Those girls know how to pick out gems.


  1. Your leopard print shoes are to die for!

  2. I love this! That shirt is so cute and I love the shoes!

  3. daaang girl! that cali sun looks good on you! ;)

  4. Love that velvet blouse and great shoes!

  5. I was like "not dying over this bag? but its so cute" and then I kept on reading.... lol It was really cute though :P


Thanks for the love!