The Rachel

 Two things.  This outfit makes me feel a bit like Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies.  She's typically J.Crew head to toe and will occasionally throw in winter neons.  Which brings me to my second thing.  I do just adore winter neon.  I mean, I adore neon in general, but for some reason it just feels fresh in winter.  Tis the season of gray and black {and white} - mix it up I say.  Break up the gray.
(Peplum Madewell (similar), Button-up J.Crew, Pants J.Crew, Shoes F21, Necklace J.Crew, Glasses Urban Outfitters)

Last Sunday I had the opportunity {aka finally had some free time slash just didn't really care if dishes got done or not} to just go sit at one of my fave coffee shops, very Seattle-like naturally, and read/journal.  It's been, shoot, months since I've done that.  What was even more awesome is that Valentine was playing Beach House and Florence + the Machine, again, taking me back to my Seattle days.  As I was journaling and the sun was pouring in on me, I realized that God cares so much about us and making us so whole in that He blesses us in the very littlest things.  Like delish coff {the kind that makes you close your eyes and smile}, your favorite bands, brilliant sunlight after a stretch of wondering what the sun looks like, reading about His goodness and then reflecting on that to see that your life has been out of control blessed.  It was just one of those moments when I became that weird girl in the coffee shop shedding tears all because my God is so so good.  These are the moments that really get me through the rest of the week.  That make me realize how great I really have it.  Love it.

AND. 5 days until CHRISTMAS!! Woot Woot!


  1. I love those "coffee shop moments," nicely written... and of course you are as cute as ever. Love the pops of neon! Merry Christmas!

  2. love the pop of yellow in the snow!! cute pants :)

  3. Your outfit is darling! Take a look at my blog if you have a chance, I follow back!


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