Bundle It Up

It's been sub-zero temps here in the great state of Wisconsin.  Suddenly even 30 feels balmy.  Therefore, I refuse to take pictures without a coat and hat on.  My outfits are based on how many layers I can get on all at once.  But this coat - I hardly ever wear it {because it doesn't cover my booty - a MKE girl needs her booty protected people}, but snagged it a Goodwill eons ago and thought it was about time it hit the blogosphere.  We all know I love winter neons, so shoot, throw in a neon yellow hat that you can't even see because of the snow.  Perfect.
(Jacket Goodwill, Shirt J.Crew, Jeans F21, Boots Target, Beanie J.Crew (similar), Sunnies H&M)

 This past weekend {and actually now still due to the freezing tempatures} I have been in Kansas with the family.  It's been bittersweet.  I actually came home to say good-bye to my lovely, sweet grandmother.  Naturally, many of my family whom I don't usually get to see have been here as well.  It's be so great just hanging out with my sister and her kids - all three of which I die over.  It's been great chatting with my goofy uncle who's basically a second dad.  Saturday morning, my mom treated my sister, me and my other grandma to mani/pedi's.  It was amazing having four generations hang out over nail polish sharing memories and stories.  I have been blessed with such a heritage of strong women full of love and stubborn backbone {the good kind} that keep this family thriving.  My grandma Dorthy {yes, Dorthy from Kansas} has been sick for quite some time, but it is still sad to see her go.  My precious grandpa won't leave her side and he even waited up for me to get there Friday night {what can I say- I'm his 'sugar booger'}.  He seriously is such a gem.  I have so many fond memories of my grandma and hanging out with her on the farm.  Bible stories, arts and crafts, diet - sugar-free pop nonstop, picking fresh strawberries, exploring the farm on the four wheeler, her laugh.  She had a tinkle of a laugh that was so infectious.  One that I believe has really been passed down in this family - all from her.  I can't thank God enough for how He's worked in our family's life.  How I quite possibly wouldn't even know Him if it wasn't for grandma, her love for Him and her passion to share the knowledge of Him and His love with everyone, especially her family.  My family has some amazing stories of how He's provided for, protected and just showered us with blessings.  That is all the heritage this girl could ask for.  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for staying so true to the Lord and leading your family in Him.  I want to be just like you two.


  1. Great hat and boots! Love the colors in the snow!!!
    What gifts your Grandmother gave you, gifts that last for eternity...soon this day shall pass, only what's done for Christ will last. Praising Him for her and that you will get to see her again!!!

  2. what a bittersweet and touching post julie. i am so sorry to hear about your grandmother, she sounds like an amazing woman {and your grandfather as well}. i just lost my grandpa in november and i miss him everyday. he had been deteriorating for years, but my solace is that i am able to remember him as he was before he got sick {taking me to get ice cream, singing the song he wrote me, laughing his infectious laugh}...and those are memories i will cherish forever. thinking about you and your family!

  3. i love spending time with family. i guess as the years go by and we get older, we realize just how much more fun we have at home with these silly people than elsewhere.


  4. That's so sweet about your grandparents <3
    P.S. I love those reflective sunnies!

    Colour Me Classic

  5. Ah, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, and I'm glad you were able to say goodbye in the presence of such an amazing group of loved ones. Also, good for you to approach the situation so positively! Definitely admirable. <3

    xo, Valerie @ Lily on Fillmore

  6. nice blog! stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

  7. sorry to hear about your grandma Julie but what a beautiful legacy and memories she left behind! I think you are well on your way to living up to her goodness and joy sharing :)

  8. What an amazing outfit, I love everything about it, especially the boots, what a great print, you look adorable!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  9. wonderful story about your grandparents. at the end of the day all we have and need with them is time. sweet time.
    and p.s. you totally right... A Milwaukee girl NEEDS her booty covered!!

  10. What??! Those boots are from Target?? Those are awesome.



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