Catalina Baby

 I'm going to go ahead and beg your pardon for bombarding you with Catalina pictures.  Photo explosion.  As I mentioned last Friday, Kellen's parents too us over to Catalina Island with them so we could see where all the Cottrell magic began.  They had their honeymoon there many moons ago.  It is SUCH a beautiful island.  Totally doesn't feel like you're in America.  It's mainly European tourists so for sure has a bit of a Euro feel - with a smidge of Hawaii.  Which, let's be honest, equals heaven.  We walked, ate, walked some more, ate some more.  Perfect day.  And the ferry ride out of Long Beach gave us great views of the city as well.  For sure can't complain about this day.

For future reference, I'm 100% fine with spending a week on Catalina.  It's just so laid-back and chill.  No cars really, just the sound of golf carts buzzing around.  And back to the ferry ride.  On the way to the island we flipped out when we spotted little dolphins splashing and jumping in the waves.  As in more than one.  Or two.  Or ten.  So many little flippers flying.  Totally reminded Kellen and I of whale watching on Orcas Island back in Seattle.  Something about the ocean is just magical.  Such a great day trip.  Such a great family to spend time with.  Beyond blessed.

And hopefully these pictures will somehow make you feel warm since it's ridiculously cold out there...  Just trying to help!


  1. i'm just loving your california pictures!
    i can almost feel the sunshine through the screen :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. these photos are gorg! did you go to a little place w/ the most amazing cotton candy ever? that's the only thing i really remember from my catalina trip (when i was in grade school). pretty sure i had cotton candy at least 5 times. i'm sure my parents were thrilled.

    hope you're staying warm!

    xx, valerie @ lily on fillmore


Thanks for the love!