Crazy Runner Lady

Ok fashionistas, I'm about to get all runner-chic, crazy-lady on you.  If you're not into running, come back on Monday- I'll haven an outfit up for you.  I signed up {well technically Kellen signed me up} for my 7th marathon in Ogden, Utah in May.  The goal on this marathon is Boston. {For those of you who aren't familiar, Boston is like the Olympics for normal people of marathon}  I mean, it's about time right?  After 6 you'd think I would have ran Boston already, right?  This time, qualifying I think is do-able if I kill myself - challenge accepted.  I thought to keep me motivated and accountable, I'd share my road to Ogden. Let you into this side of my life, the other incredibly time-consuming hobby I have, because fashion blogging isn't enough. ;)

This past week was my first week of training.  The first couple weeks are the best, lets be honest, low mileage and short speed workouts are quite nice.  One run of the week pretty much sums up many of my running experiences.  Sunday evening I had to do a 6 miler and the couch totally won before church and a J.Crew shift.  When I got off work at 4, I hurried home to get going and beat the darkness, especially since it was still a bit icy out.  I was absolutely starving so I inhaled a massive handful of almonds and a banana while I was lacing up.  I headed out feeling great, running down the middle of the quiet streets.  At almost 2 miles my tum just started cramping up galore.  This people, is what you'd think I would know by now: Do not do nuts/banana combo before a run.  Frantically I started configuring how long I could last before an explosion. {Nothing like getting to the real life of a runner on the first post.} Thankfully, there was a coffee shop just a few blocks away - one that I commonly frequent when I'm having an emergency.  So I scramble in praying that no one is in the womens {single stall} bathroom.  There was.  I told myself I had to wait one minute before I went into the men's.  I made it to a count of 15 before I had to dash into the men's.  Once I was in, then I started praying that no dude would need to go while I was in there - being a local coffee shop and all - the probability of me knowing the dude was high.  Highly embarrassing.  Then wouldn't ya know, yanking on the door started happening.  After my tum felt better, I bravely headed out the door, head down, refusing to make eye-contact with a quick "all yours".  Poor guy.  It was bad in there.  By this time, it's getting pretty dark and I still have 4 miles to go to get home.  It's icey.  I'm sliding.  It's dark.  But let me tell you, I was outside and free.  Not trapped inside on a treadmill with headphones jammed in my ears just to get me through the miles.  And it was heavenly.  One of those nights where I saw handfuls of runners out enjoying the 30 degree weather all waving, "hey"ing at each other and all slipping and sliding around.  This is why runners are considered crazy I'm sure.  Who dashes into bathrooms and runs on ice and considers it fun?  This girl.  And so many more, really.  That was the most memorable moment of week 1.  17 weeks left - who knows what will even happen.


  1. I took a nice spill on my run Monday night ... my knee looks pretty :)

    Good luck with the training! I can't believe it will be seven marathons ... you're nuts!

  2. You go girl! I'm trying out some work out classes next week starting at 5am, yikes! Pray for me! :)

  3. LOVE THIS POST! I've taken two years off from competitive running, and now I'm signed up for my first half marathon in April! I would eventually love to be just like you and have 7 (maybe more) marathons under my belt!

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks for sharing your marathon training. I'm in the midst of beginning my own, and while it is terrifying, I'm super excited at the same time.

  5. this story is awesome. and hilarious! keep up the good work julie! you have way more discipline than me!


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