Get Your Boots Dirty

First and foremost... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAN!!!!  Without you mister, life would be so boring.  Seriously.  And I just wouldn't be fully me.  Love you!  In the spirit of him, this is just one tiny example of how he influences me: We finally gave in.  We surrendered to winter in the tundra and bought a pair of Sorel boots.  We had spend quite some time stalking them on Instagram and watching REI for a sale.  When in California, we finally found a pair. {Kell also got his first winter coat - only took three winters to convince him he needed one.}  I guess we're committed to this place now.  We've only been mildly obsessed with Sorel for quite some time, so pulling the trigger was a happy day.  Plus we finally have warm toes - Yea!

 Her: Jacket H&M, Flannel Madewell, Tank Thrifted, Pants J.Crew, Boots Sorel, Beanie Patagonia, Necklace F21
Him: Jacket North Face, Henly J.Crew, Jeans Levi, Boots Sorel, Beanie Neff

 My hubs is really such a trooper.  I think the only reason he agreed to this was because he wants me to #getyourbootsdirty and maybe Sorel will repost us.  That his goal in this.  And that is why I love him, lets be honest.  I love his love for the outdoors and that I'm not alone in wanting to get outside and tromp around.  To get my boots dirty.  As much as I'd rather be on a train in sunny SoCal, tromping around in the snow with this cuties isn't the worst thing in the world.  For sure.
Happy Birthday Kell, love you so so so much.


  1. such cutie-pah-tooties! :)

    xo, Brikena

  2. happy birthday to your hubs!
    love your sorels...what a cute color combination.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  3. Great boots!!! Happy bday to your hubby - you two make the perfect pair!

  4. you two are such a lovely couple! what a sweet, heartfelt post. happy birthday to him! :)

    xx, valerie at lily on fillmore


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