White Out

 Recently I've been obsessed with wearing a silk shirt under a sweater.  I've also been obsessed with wool baseballs hats {remember this buffalo plaid beauty?}.  I've been lusting over this J.Crew houndstooth hat for a while now and this past weekend was the weekend it became mine.  For $3.43.  For serious.  Also, there is just something about wearing white in the winter.  I mean, blending in with your background is sorta fun...
(Sweater H&M, Shirt Urban Outfitters, Jean J.Crew, Hat J.Crew, Necklace J.Crew, Boots Old Navy)

This past Sunday Pastor Paul hit on a little something that nailed me pretty good.  He was talking about Timothy and when he heard the call from God to go preach, he counted his costs {being circumcised as a grown man can't be too compelling, for one}.  When you think of the American lifestyle {especially according to Instagram}, how many costs do we really count?  This is not the first time I've thought about how obsessed with comfort I am.  More than once Kellen has called me out on throwing a temper tantrum on something ridiculous because I wasn't getting my way.  I wasn't getting to eat when I wanted to eat or sleep when I wanted to sleep {or buy some article of clothing that I absolutely do not need}.  And right now, my biggest issue in regard to comfort is living in this cold, cold, cold, not California, state.  I get angry at the cold.  At the wind.  At having to layer.  Of constantly being frozen.  Of not being able to take another tropical trip.  I'm over here suffering for Jesus, don't ya know!?  But really.  It's kind of gross when you really think about it.  So.  Pastor Paul challenged us to be more aware of the world.  To really think about how I live my life and what I put so much importance on.  When all these little details are cluttering my mind - how able am I really to hear God?  Really.  I'm now going to attempt to not whine nonstop about how cold I am.
Especially since I live in the 4th coldest, big city in the USA...
{I mean, Minneapolis has got to be dying up there}


  1. such a great reminder to always be aware of how blessed we really are!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. And I here I'm complaining that this afternoon is going to be 80 degrees... lol I'm jealous of the snow you are getting, of course I've never seen snow in my life, so maybe someday I'll relate :P
    cute hat!! and I love your boots!!


  3. so true. we really do forget to count our blessings, which is basically that we have a home, family, and love surrounding us. the rest will follow.
    for the first time - i havent seen snow this much into winter, and i really miss it. i honestly get excited looking through your photos when i see it haha

    great post!

    <3 Brikena

  4. We all could use a good lesson on counting our blessings! thanks for sharing. On another note- I can't believe you got that hat for $3.43! I bought the same one and paid $11.99 which I thought was a good deal...guess not!

    Clothes & Quotes

  5. These pictures looks great! Is that Kell rocking the photog skills?!


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