Shorts with tights is probably one of my favorite winter looks.  It's not a skirt and you can still layer up on top to feel warm, plus gives you a little hope that soon you can wear these puppies without tights.  I also love wearing neutrals and throwing in a little pop of color just to spice it up.  Neutrals have really been growing on me, but I just can't go all the way.  I'm forever a color girl at heart.
 (Shirt Madewell, Button Up J.Crew, Shorts F21, Tights J.Crew, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Earrings H&M)

"But you O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light...  As for God, his way is perfect." {Psalms 18:28 and 30}  
Recently on here I've been a little mopey and a total Debbie downer.  The weather, my attitude... it's all pretty much sucks.  Last Thursday I read this verse and it just really stuck it to me.  Who am I to whine and whine and force you all to listen?  Winter will end soon enough - goodness knows the years and seasons are starting to FLY by.  Spring will be here before we know it.  So maybe I just really need to take this hibernation time to hunker down with friends and my man.  Really enjoy people and just being lazy on a couch and eating more - putting on my winter weight.  Besides, spring wouldn't be as great if we didn't struggle so much through winter, right?  Ahem, well maybe not {I could personally do summer all year...}, but sometimes the end of the really rough struggles seems so much sweeter when compared to a very light struggle.  Oh spring, you are heavily anticipated.


  1. beautiful verse and beautiful outfit...hang strong girl.. :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. That top! How adorable!

    And it's okay to be honest and tell how you feel. But I commend you for taking stock of your life and reevaluating. We're all so lucky.

  3. Such a great verse - and always a good reminder! Loving the orange and red against each other!

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  4. I love the striped sweater and the shoes. It looks great together and I would have never thought of it! I love the look.


  5. your shoes!!!!! love love them!!! they look great with those tights. Great outfit!

  6. ADOOORE that shirt. Of course it's Madewell. Of course. Cute as always!

    xo, Valerie @ Lily on Fillmore

  7. Love your style!! Those shoes are adorable! :)


Thanks for the love!