Going For Black

 This little sweatshirt.  Lemme tell you, it was one I followed religiously for a sale.  I just knew I'd live in it {and yes, I wore it twice this week - also perfect for a Sunday brunch with pals}.  I just love that it looks so vintage and like something my dad would have worn.  I've also been dying to do an all black look for a while.  Well, all black with a bit of white - I can't fully commit apparently.
 (Button Up Madewell, Sweatshirt J.Crew, Skirt H&M, Tights J.Crew, Boots Target, Sunnies H&M, Earrings F21)

I hope you had a great Valentine weekend!  I have been incredibly tired lately - just smashing too much into life I guess.  Due to that, I'm trying to figure out how to ease things up a bit.  With that comes balancing all my hobbies - blogging and running - both very time consuming.  I may take it down a notch and not do as many posts a week, just a warning.  I want to get my training runs in {I'm skipping a run to write this - and I don't even care - I think my massive bowl of popcorn and cranberries help erase that guilt ;)} and give the hubby some love, all while not slacking on my domestic chores.  Plus, for some reason, I'm not feeling all that inspired.  Outfits are getting harder and harder to come up with.  I think the gray and need for layers and pants plays into that.  Great news - warmer temps coming this week which means skirts galore and hopefully a little more inspo.
Woot woot! 


  1. Love the new layout of your blog! aaaand those sunnies--oh my what a treat! hehe

    Colour Me Classic

  2. those little leopard booties are toooooo cute!

  3. Do what you need to do, love. Self care is so important!

  4. Stop it, you are too cute! I love this whole look, it screams "vintage"!

    Pink Champagne Problems


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