I Didn't Sign Up For This

A sweet friend of mine gave me this necklace for my birthday saying that I would know how to style it.  I love her confidence.  I will say, I adore this necklace.  Bright colors and something just a little different such as tassels - I'll take it!  Winter occasionally gets the best of me and I end up in dark colors 
{love me some mixing of navy and black}.  
This particular day had me feel dark and these little tassels just brought me right back up.
(Shirt J.Crew Factory, Button Up J.Crew, Pants J.Crew, Shoes F21, Necklace H&M)

The day Molly and I took these photos it was hideously cold out and basically a blizzard.  A co-worker of mine called it "a violent snowglobe".  Well said, lady.  The last photo completely catches my feelings toward this moment.  But lets be honest, it's my own fault venturing out for photos {blogger problems}.  On the way back to work, I even managed to drop my phone IN THE MIDDLE of a frozen, snowy street, where it sat for a good 15 minutes while I looked everywhere but the street.  Kell was super happy about that.  But good news- it still works!  So here's  to a weekend - who doesn't love that.  Rest well my readers!


  1. OMG it looks so cold! I give you credit for taking those photos! That necklace is fun! I like that you paired it with simple colors, but mixed it with the polka dots.

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  2. Sorta looks like you're giving a thumbs up in the last picture haha! Purely accidental?
    Such a fun necklace!

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  3. so chic! I so love this post.

    I am now following you via GFC, I hope you can follow me back. Thank you in advance!

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