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My idea of an epic outfit is incorporating leather, leopard and neon all into one.  Needless to say, this was my favorite outfit last week.  I've had these pants for a few years now and they never get old.  Neon pink and a boyfriend chino combo?  Hello, awesome.  This peplum is only on it's second trip out of the closet, but have no fear, short sleeved weather is coming for good and it will get a bit more cost per wear in, promise. {In reality I wore a cardi over it all day, much to my annoyance.}
(Shirt Madewell, Chinos J.Crew, Shoes F21, Sunnies H&M, Watch Michael Kors, Bracelet Madewell)

I was Facebook messaged the other day asking to do a post on the elements of my outfits - how do I make my decisions, how do I put them together, what an outfit can/cannot have.  To be honest, this stumped me.  I buy things I adore.  Without 100% thinking what else is in my closet and what I would pair it with.  I am a sucker for a few things: boyfriend jeans/pants, oversized shirts, button-ups, leopard shoes, neon, leather, and a great pair of black skinnies.  I guess I'd say, pin-point what looks and fits you love.  But be sure to stay open-minded to new trends.  I feel like I can't even pin-point my own style.  It's all over the board.  My work outfits tend to be more preppy, casual.  I love adding a little edge to the prep.  I like mixing it up.  I would say my closet is mildly out of control.  I have things in there from years ago.  To be honest, I do actually wear all of it and lots of times absolutely regret getting rid of something.  My collection is ridiculous.  Find what you love.  Take risks.  Spend time on Pinterest or in magazines learning what you love and what to replicate {I've paroused magazines since junior high - I can never get enough of beautifully put together outfits}.  Don't impulse buy - let the item sit on hold for a few days {if you can't stop thinking about it, it's a winner}.  Although DO impulse buy once in a while - they can be winners too {like today's Madewell peplum top}.  I feel like it helps that so many of my outfits are documented.  I can see what looks good and what doesn't.  I can go back through and learn from my mistakes.
I also know that I'm very different from some other girls.  Some have a distinct rhyme and reason to their looks.  They have absolutes.  Things they HAVE to do and things they refuse to do.  That's good to know to.  I think it just depends on your personality.  And, all in all - make sure your personality shines through.  I see getting dressed as an expression of self.  It's my form of art, so to speak.  Have fun with it.  Don't live by rules {unless you thrive on rules, then, by all means do}.  And above all else, make sure you're comfortable in it.  If you're not comfy, it shows and you're not as confident.  Nothing makes me as confident in a day like a great, comfy outfit.  That might have been quite ramble-y, and might not have helped at all.  If so, I apologize and I'll think harder about it.  Until then, study Pinterest, J.Crew Style Guide and Elle magazine.  Pin or dog-ear what you love, refer back to that, get dressed.  Repeat.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the post! I appreciate all of your input. I think what I like most is you encouraging to stay true to yourself. I think a lot of times I try to look like someone else and I'm just not comfortable. Maybe I'll just start sending you selfies to see what you think! :)


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