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Recently I have just felt uninspired clear across the board.  Even with running, which is typically an area I don't tire of.  However, being stuck on a treadmill 4 or 5 out of 6 runs a week is just such a downer for me.  I was talking to Kellen about it and reminiscing about living in Seattle.  How, in almost three years, I only had to hop on a treadmill twice because of ice or snow.  TWICE.  That's amazing.  I was outside every single run.  My brain was free to wander.  There really isn't anything inspiring about getting on a treadmill - except maybe watching the token gym she-man rip off her shirt when she gets hot to show off those manly muscles {that will make you almost fall off the treadmill in laughter}.  I think I could potentially get more inspired by buying more running gear, but here's the truth:  I hate spending money on running gear {if you can't tell how stretched out my bra is - and that's a nice one people!}.  I am just stuck.  Run outside and freeze {or slip on ice and die} or hit the hamster wheel and judge people at the gym for an hour?  I make gym judging sound so bad...  it does have it's perks, lets be honest.  "Hey bro, how much you liftin there bro?  Oh yeah bro, toss a plate on for me bro."  One plus is that sometimes the hubs even lets me work out with him.  Talk about building up some muscle.  His brain has endless workouts stored in there.  Never once do I leave a workout sesh with him not being sore the next day.  I've also found that I don't like to be told that my form is bad or that I'm doing a lift wrong.  Even by the hubs.  Humbleness in the gym isn't my forte, BRO. 
In an attempt of a change of scenery, I've been doing some time on the elliptical to mix up my mileage {it's seriously been since college since I've hit that machine up}  - plus I think it almost works my quads a bit more.  I am also a secret weight lifting lover.  While playing college volleyball, I trained in Olympic Lifting {talk about getting a booty...}, so I tend to prefer free weights to machine weight.  Now days, when I get a chance, I throw in some deeps squats with the bar, lunges with dumbbells, step-ups with weight, the occasional pull-up and the ever-dreaded ab workout.  
What's your gym sesh routine?  How do you mix it up with it's so crappy outside?


  1. I totally feel ya! I've had the same 6 miles x 6 days a week routine for years. We got a treadmill a few years ago and I kind of love daily dose of Netflix and endorphins. Now and then I go outside (especially when we're out of town), but naptime= workout time, so this system is pretty great over here. Sometimes, though, I feel myself getting into a rut with running and feeling like I want to do something else. But then I have a mental block, because I think "But it's RUNNING! How can I just NOT RUN??" Honestly, though, running keeps me trim, but I need to build some muscle! I think the next time I'm ready for a break from straight mileage and zero variation outside about .8 MPH of my speed settings, I'll do Insanity for a while! Still conducive to nap time, still cardio, but something different that might decrease the jiggle :)

  2. Row - just rowwwwww - gently down the stream. :)

  3. I really don't have a normal routine or else I get bored and my body does too! I always seem to have more energy when I mix it up at the gym and I definitely notice the benefits of doing so. I usually always throw in some kettlebell moves and ab work though since that's a constant area of improvement for me :).

  4. ughhhh I've been feeling the EXACT same way Julie! Seth and I were just talking about it tonight. We went for a jog together outside and it was 40 degrees and amazing but tomorrow a blizzard is supposed to blow inside we go. We have a spot in the basement where we do intervals- a minute on the treadmill, a minute lifting free weights- and we just switch back and forth. It's actually pretty fun! Kind of a nice change from treadmill boringness.


Thanks for the love!