Winter Blues

Somehow winter days are getting harder and harder and my cups of joe are getting larger in number.  One day last week I literally had to leave the building even though it was freezing outside.  Apparently just needed a stroll to Starbucks for a pick-me-up in single digit weather.  These kind of days call for an easy-peasy look.  As always, I reached for my J.Crew Pixie pants {basically a fancy legging} and denim jacket.  Toss in some dry shampoo and a headband - good to go.
(Jacket J.Crew Factory, Shirt J.Crew, Pant J.Crew, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Necklace J.Crew Factory, Sunnies F21)

So lets just get real here.  I am really, really struggling with this winter.  As in actually had quite the meltdown on Sunday.  The cold just makes me tired and well, uber crabby.  Sometimes I piety Kellen.  I often come home crabby, complaining about everything or near tears {unless I run after work and get some endorphins released first}.  There are moments I get so angry at the cold I just want to punch someone.  I use really bad words because my fingers hurt.  Completely unreasonable.  I get sick of wearing the same layers and sweaters nonstop so I attempt to do more of a more spring look {like this one} and freeze.  Then I get angry I can't wear what I want and it's just a big, stupid, vicious cycle.  The past couple weeks it's been hitting the peak of crazy-Julie.  Thankfully, the this weekend I have Chicago to look forward to.  Granted, it's not tropical, but just mixing scenery up is largely needed right now.  I just clearly was not made for the tundra, but beaches, sun and warmth.  I even uttered {multiple times} "I hate this place".  I know once summer comes I'll be fine, but right now... ROUGH.  I can't be the only northerner like this right? 


  1. i am in love with this outfit...simple and chic and i love the necklace over the jean jacket! ur hair looks fab too!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. love the jean jacket with the white collar on top! super cute! i am with ya..surviving winter takes lots of Starbucks runs!

  3. Love the denim with the necklace! So chic.

  4. hah! i love fancy leggings, they are the best!
    and even though you write about hating the winter (which i totz agree on) ... your pictures and your face show the complete opposite <3

    xo, Brikena

  5. loving the outfit. loving this blog layout. loving your heart because it made me feel normal that someone else feels like this too! xo

  6. OOOOooooo!! I haven't seen the Blog with it's new look!!! Me likey:)..and I think I need a lil' help:)


Thanks for the love!