You've Been Chic-ed

 Last Sunday it was a balmly 20 degrees outside and I just couldn't pass up a run.  It had been two weeks of treadmill/Pettit confinement.  Had to break free.  This Nike top has been my savior this winter.  It's fleece inside and for the first winter of my life, I've been sweaty in chilly temps.  It's also been the one winter running item I've bought this year {I tend to not enjoy spending money on gear, much to Kellen's distress.  Apparently frivolous clothing isn't nearly as important ;)}.
(Hoodie Nike, Pants Nike, Shoes Asics, Hat Lululemon)

When I was a barista living in Seattle, one of my customers would always  come in for a 12 oz coffee after her runs.  I'd always ask her how her run was, how far she went, where she went, ect.  Pretty quickly she had me go on a run with her and pretty quickly I realized she was amazing.  This lady,  mother of two teenagers, could kick my butt so easily.  I had her go on a 20 miler with me while marathon training and we were one mile from being done -  girl just sprints off, uphill, like it's no big deal.  She's a pro.  One of the many things I learned from her {the one that makes me giggle the most} is the term "chic-ed".  There is nothing better than passing a dude - or running faster than a guy on the treadmill.  The. Best.  One day we were out for a run and totally dominated an athletic looking guy. She smiled nice and big and said, "Oooh you just got chic-ed!" {not to his face - don't worry we're not THAT mean}.  Ever since then, every time I pass a dude some demoralizing way of saying they've been chic-ed runs through my head.  And makes me smile and miss Tamera.  
What a gal.
And here's the truth about my clothing - in case you're wondering.  The pants are actually from the girl's section, mega score.  And my shoes: when running a bit less of mileage I'll swap out the current pair for an old pair.  I get new running shoes every six months so this is a mini-trick of mine to try to make the longevity of the shoe a bit better.  These are the Asics Neo - more of a free shoe - and personally not my fave for running, as I prefer a bit more stability.  But every once in a while I think it's good to switch it up and give the feet/legs a different feel.  Thanks Runners World for that tip.

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  1. i am seriously so impressed how dedicated you are to running on the cold. on the super chilly days we only have one person in our neighborhood who runs on a regular must be that person in your neighborhood :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}


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