Giggle Box

This was one of those photo sessions where I just could not get it together.  Acting all goofy and laughing so hard my left eye closes {only happens when I really get hit by the giggle bug}.  Some days I just get in silly moods.  This particular day was taking me back to Seattle.  Mid 40s, misty, seagulls squawking.  I literally felt like I was in the land of rain, beauty, black and coffee.  Glorious.
 (Sweater F21, Shirt J.Crew, Jeans Urban Outfitters, Shoes F21, Earrings Lizzibeth)

But really, I'm mildly obsessed with these Lizzibeth earrings.  I found them in a $5 bin while checking out at her One Year Anniversary party.  Jackpot.  They are the perfect go-to earring when you need just a pinch of bling.  Also- three cheers for the weekend?  Hip Hip Hooray!  Any big plans?  Sunday Kellen and I are getting our jock on and attending TriWisconsin's kick off party.  Nothing like a room full of distance junkies and all the VIA Downer you can handle.  
Bring on the carbs, we all earned it.


  1. Love those earrings!!! Have a great weekend - you deserve it!

  2. never stop giggling! one of my favorite reasons to come to your blog <3

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