My Lazy Pants

Ever just have those days where you feel "blah"?  Where all you really want to do is put on sweats and not leave your house - but for some reason you have to get up, get dressed and preform.  Totally happens to me.  I hate getting dressed on these days.  Days like these call for uber basic.  If I even try to do something fun with my outfit on these days, it's always an epic fail. So, so black, chambray and leopard I go.  Always a solid choice.  Skip the contacts and add a funky pair of frames.  #winning
 (Shirt J.Crew, Blazer H&M, Jeans Urban Outfitters, Boots Target, Glasses Firmoo, Earrings H&M)

And like my outfit, I don't really feel uber inspired at the moment.  I'm just going to call it a post.  Done and done.


  1. you still look adorable julie!
    love those purple glasses :)

  2. I love your blog, super cute and inspiring!! - I'll need this for the "meh/blah" days :D

  3. I have SO many days like that. I usually end up wearing my favorite pair of burgundy jeans, some sneakers, and whatever striped tee I see first in my closet. Done. I think your lazy day outfit turned out pretty cool though, good job!

  4. I love that you consider this basic, when I think you look fab! The purple glasses and the leopard print shoes make this many levels above basic, lady. ;)

    xx, valerie at

  5. You still look great. Pixie pants are my ULTIMATE lazy pants!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  6. Love your funky frames! Yes, I feel blah all the time #hormones!

    Colour Me Classic


Thanks for the love!