Off Duty

 About 99% of my outfits on the blog are the work, 8-5, #OOTDs.  While I do enjoy getting dressed up and heading downtown, hands down, I love my weekend gear twenty times more.  I'm a sucker for comfort {I'm still trying to figure out how to convince my boss Nike's are ok}.  I thought I'd share a little weekend wear - a little real life with you this week.  To be honest, this is what I wore to church on Sunday.  And I was 13 minutes late.  AND Kellen gave me that look like "You look like you just rolled out of bed".  That's what dreams are made of kids.  However, one thing is still present here.  The button up.  That, to me, is a no-brainer.  My closet will never have enough.
(Tee F21, Button Up J.Crew, Pants Old Navy, Sneaks Nike, Earrings Lizzibeth, Sunnies H&M)

 Here's the funny thing about taking photos with Kellen.  He acts like he's not thrilled to {we all know that's clearly just an act.  Ahem}.  And it takes him seriously 1 minute.  Rapid fire and half as many photos as when Molly and I take them of each other.  However, for some reason I can't grasp, I'm always in love with the pictures he takes.  I have no idea how he does it.  Every time I get my camera back from him I'm nervous I'm going to ask him to re-take them.  But never once have I had to.
{I also think, deep down inside, he's a secret wanna-be photographer.  He acts like it's no big deal, but he's really working hard at it.  That's my theory.}


  1. hah! when Yll takes pics of me... out of the 7372863487624873 only 2 are like.. okay :P hahahah

    xo, Brikena

  2. ok this camo + stripes is completely perfect!!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  3. I think you are truly able to see the love someone has for you when you see the photos they take. We all communicate our love differently, and I think Kellen shows his through portraits.

    Also, thanks for always convincing me that the new button down I just purchased is a worthy investment. I can't get enough.

  4. I would have never, ever been able to figure out how to wear something like this together but you completely rocked it. This is so cute.


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