Pardon My Print

This shirt.  It's officially the best stripped thing I own.  And what's not to love about putting your favorite stripes with your favorite floral?  I remember DYING over these jeans last year and was literally giddy when I actually got them.  Sometimes I think it's borderline ridiculous how excited I get when I make a purchase I just can't get over.  I can't be the only one who gets butteries over a major score.  Right?
 (Shirt Madewell, Pants J.Crew, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Earrings J.Crew, Sunnies Forever21)

So.  Have you seen Friday Night Lights?  I know, I know, I'm super late on this train, but I cannot. stop. watching. episode. after. episode.  There's something about southern twangs and jocks that always draw me in.  {In another life, I was a Texas or (Northern or Southern) Carolina girl.  Total southern belle.}  And since I married a football player - clearly I can get behind those tights and big muscles.  Also, there are quite a few Explosion In The Sky soundtracks to dramatic moments.  I mean, hello.  In other words, I've been completely worthless at home.  Snuggled on the couch, 100% sucked into this high school drama with no resistance to one more episode even if it's past my bed time...


  1. omg girl i WANT that top! adore how you styled it with the pretty!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Love how you mixed these prints this is so cute cant wait to try this.

    Guilty of Glitz

  3. Love this top - where did you get it? And those sun glasses - oooo la la!

  4. Hey GIRL! Can I borrow the top for Geometry class? You know, transformations like translations, rotations, reflections, parallel lines and OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. Makes my eyes hurt...see the circles...and ellipises? oh my


Thanks for the love!