I'm not going to lie to you, I love this post.  I love weddings, actually.  Total excuse to get dressed up and see my man all fancy pants.  The one word that describes how I felt this day was "rich".  And it's not like money rich, but like that cream cheese filled pumpkin muffin type of rich.  I almost added a red lip but decided that was just a little much.  I've been DYING to wear this dress since I scored it on MAJOR sale {we're talking $25 bucks.  Serious}.  Thanks Caleb and Dana for getting hitched. ;)  I've tried to explain to Kellen that my favorite thing is looking all fancy and just goooood in the clothing, but keeping hair and make-up minimal.  Just feels so high-fashion-mag-editorial.
(Her:  Dress J.Crew, Shirt J.Crew, Tights J.Crew, Shoes Thrifted, Bag F21, Faux Fur Thrifted
Him: Suit Express Men, Shirt Express Men, Tie J.Crew, Jacket Vintage)

Dana and Caleb have been relatively new friends to us.  They joined our small group in the fall and we fell in love with them.  They each have a contagious laughter and sense of humor.  They are so laid-back and just cool.  It was heaven watching them get married - quite possibly one of my favorite weddings yet.  Simple, beautiful and authentic.  Tears, laughter and most of all, evident love.  The pastor that married them just did such a great job of explaining love and how marriage is the perfect example of Christ's love for the Church.  How it's the man's job to show the woman Christ's love.  That's a huge responsibility.  HUGE.  And I love it when I know the man is up to the task.   My man, Caleb... whoever.  Gives me goosebumps to know these men are going all in to do nothing but show unconditional love.  To love their wives as their own body.  Aannddd water works over here.  
Truly beautiful.  And quite honestly, leaves me feeling inadequate often.  As the Church feels towards Christ, often.  I'm usually the selfish one, demanding my own way.  I just really am astounded at how these dudes {I mean, especially mine - I'm pretty bias, he's nearly perfect ;)} just take it in stride and keep giving and keep loving.  Props, fellas.  And thank you so much.  From the bottom of my heart.

{Can I just add that the second photo of Kell just stops my heart. What. A. Babe.  Sheez.}


  1. oh lala! you and your man look amazing =)
    love the dress and that coat!

    xo, Brikena

  2. Yup! My favorite blog so far! Love everything about it - your dress, your earrings, your coat, your shoes and as always, your smile. Love your hub's coat! You two look amazing! Love your words - good reminders for me - glorifying to our Lord - bottom line awesome.

  3. You guys look amazing together! Fashion mag, indeed! :)

  4. Gorgeous jacket! You both look totally chic. And beautiful blog design.
    xoxo Aimee

  5. My favorite post yet ;) you are a blessing in our lives too! Thanks so much for being a part of our special day. Your words made me tear up a bit... at work :)


Thanks for the love!