So Full

 Nothing makes me feel more like summer is right around the corner than a new pair of sunnies.  I snagged these beauties at H&M over the weekend.  For some crazy reason, many stores here in MKE don't sell sunglasses in the dead of winter.  We've been sunglasses-free since November.  I jumped for joy when I realized they're back.  {The last thing I need is another pair of sunglasses - but I'm a total sucker, what can I say.}  Spring is getting real now.  AKA - summer is soooo close I can taste it!
(Button-Up Thrifted, Long Sleeve Tee J.Crew, Jeans J.Crew, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Sunnies (similar) H&M, Necklace H&M)

Mad props to Kyndle - the sister {in law - just to clarify.  We don't necessarily like that in law part...} - for snapping these pictures.  She's a total pro and totally made me feel like I was on a photoshoot.  Wind blowing in my hair, her telling me to work it...  It was epic.  That girl.  She's amazing.  I'm so thankful I finally got to spend a huge chunk of time with her and her incredible hubby.  They are gems.  And so full of wisdom and knowledge.  I just feel so full after a long weekend with them.  Hope you had a most fantastic weekend that actually involved warmer temps as well!


  1. haha gotta love people who motivate well during blog pics! u look super cute girl! love that necklace!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. love this outfit! you look amaze!!!

  3. So cute. Laid back and relaxed and such a fun pop of color

    Guilty of Glitz

  4. so beautiful <3 nice sunglasses



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