Soaked In It

 The past two day have been glorious.  Temps in the 40s and 50s.  Not only are my spirits just lifted at the warmth, I get giddy about my runs.  There is nothing I love more than shedding all my layers and running a bit lighter.  To wearing a beanie and only one layer on top.  Monday I even wore capri tights {wishing I had shorts the whole time} and just a tee.  People, it is heaven to not end a run with bright red skin.  Seriously.  Yesterday was a rainy day.  A 100% Seattle day {minus the mountains and water}.  These days are my most favorite for running.  They're the days I feel invincible.  And fast.  But then it did start snowing the last two miles.  That was a bit of a downer.  Moving on.
{And now for my true colors to shine bright...}  
Monday, I even raced a few dudes.  One guy, like 6'3'', just wouldn't let me get ahead.  We ran side by side for at least half a mile - neither of us with headphones on.  I felt hugely awkward, but hell no was I going to let him beat me.  {He didn't look too athletic - and nothing is worse than losing to a non-athletic person.  I can't let him beat me and have that go to his head - pssh beat a girl?!  No way.  I mean, come on.  If you haven't noticed already, I'm also a sore loser.}  So we're running along, I get ahead of him, he wheezes and gets ahead of me.  Back and forth and back and forth.  Granted, for every one step he took, I took three - downfalls of being a shorty.  At the end, the path narrowed due to a river of a puddle and multitudes of people trying to get by without getting drench and/or muddy.  Not us.  We barrel through this lake, drenching ourselves, me- up to my calves, him- up to his ankles.  {And as I'm replaying this, I'm seeing just how ridiculous this was... Call it the competitiveness in me.}.  As the massive puddle finally starts to end, I'm getting pumped because we heading towards a hill.  Hills are my forte.  I can bust up those things like nobodies business {however, on a downhill people fly past me...}.  So I'm thinking to myself- alright, now I've got him.  Easy, peasy.  But, little sucker, took the left path that continued straight and not UP THE HILL.  I was irate.  This was my moment of glory.  As I'm heading up the hill, I noticed he's turning around and waving at me. All right, all right, that was pretty epic, sir.  We killed it.
And then I smashed another dude in 5 finger shoes up the hill.  Triumph at last.
(Shell The North Face, Tights Old Navy, Hat Nike, Shoes Asics)


  1. Which tights are your favorite? I am in dire need of some new pants for running this spring.

  2. Aww I'm so glad the weather has been better for run!! Hahahaa I can just imagine all of that so are hilarious for running next to him for so long AND without headphones! Too funny!
    You would've definitely beaten him up that hill!


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