Street Walker

Milwaukee really hasn't been the best representative of what everyone else calls spring.  I desperate to wear skirts and short sleeves.  To show some skin {appropriately of course} and flounce around.  My resolve for this - on days I have time to be a little more creative - is to wear a bright pop of color, keep the layers in light color and suffer through flats.  Cold feet = totally worth it to not have to put a boot on.
(Shirt J.Crew Factory, Button up J.Crew, Pants J.Crew, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Earrings Lizzibeth, Sunnies H&M)

 Surprises are the best.  This week we surprised Kellen's brother {eh- pretty much all the bro's wife} with a surprise trip to MKE.  I do pity those poor Phoenix kids though, coming to this frozen tundra.  We told them our closets are open - help yourselves to sweaters and layers all you want.  These two.  Let me tell you.  They have five children.  They're thirty.  They're amazing.  But never once since I've known them have I gotten to hang out with minus the adorable fabulous five {except that night when they were all in bed and Drew almost burnt down the house - and Kyndle's brand new, beautiful garland}.  So needless to say, we are SO excited to have some Drew and Kyndle QT this weekend.
Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you!  


  1. girl i LOOOVE this! so love polka dots and red ...such a great color combo!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Those pink pants! I need to dust mine off and start wearing them as well.


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