Got Me Jonesing

This outfit has all my favorite things in it: loose, shapeless top, elastic-drawstring pants, baseball cap, leather jacket and ice cream.  Everything a girl needs to make her day awesome {well, this girl anyway}.  Sunday after church, Kellen and I tackled all errands we skipped on Saturday to sit on the couch {and read "Where'd You Go Bernadette"- if you haven't read it DO IT.  It takes place in Seattle and within pages had me dying for rainy day after rainy day.  Something about that is just so cozy.  Anyway}.  When we were almost done Kellen eagle-eyed a Kopps.  For those of you who are not Wisconsinites - its an amazing frozen custard joint.  He knew my needs before I even did and in we pulled.  And for those of you Wisconsinites wondering - Wednesday's flavor of the day is Chocolate chip cookie dough.  {It was quite the tragedy it wasn't Sunday's...}
(Jacket H&M, Shirt Lizzibeth, Jeans H&M (similar), Shoes Urban Outfitters, Hat J.Crew)

Yesterday I was talking with Kellen about how much I still love most of the clothing I bought in Seattle.  These pants, for example.  Pretty sure I snagged them up for maybe $25 dollars and, 4 years later, they're still rocking in style.  Solid choice.  Same with the jacket.  I told him I spent months trying to find a leather {well pleather} jacket that a broke barista/nanny could afford and still eat for at least one meal.  Again, H&M jackpot.  There was something special about the U-Village H&M.  It was a winner.  How great is it when you find clothes you've been dying over at a great price and still have them hanging around 4-5 years later?  Best. Thing. Ever.  
{Plus, I'm telling you, Bernadette had me yearning for Seattle like nobodies business.  Just the mention of Macrina had me jonesing for a mimosa and french toast.  Ah, the Emerald City...}


  1. love the stripe and hounds tooth combo! super cute!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Love this look! That jacket is awesome. I so need to go to Kopps again soon too lol.
    xoxo Aimee

  3. ok those are the best pants ever! Love the draw string and how they come in at the waist! I love it! such a chic look!

  4. Well, now I know what I'm doing tomorrow on my way home. Kopp's, here I come!

    These captcha codes must be getting harder because yours is the second blog today I've had to type the code in like 10 times before I finally got it. Maybe it's just my eyeballs.


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