I don't know about you, but I tend to hashtag (#)happygirl a bunch.  The day I wore this, it should have been in all capitols.  Followed by #truth.  There's something about a sunny day, neon and sandals that just sets the happy meter to 'off the scale'.  I'm all for skipping spring and jumping right into summer.  This little winner of a kimono helps me get there.  Speaking of...  I've been searching for the perfect kimono for a while know.  It's such a good layer/transition piece.  A couple weeks ago we got our first ever Nordstrom in the whole state of Wisconsin.  Best news.  It's a Rack and it's literally 10 minutes from my house.  I was invited to the opening and let me tell you - Wisconsinites have been waiting ages for this.  The place was SLAMMED.  The only reason I waited twenty minutes to try stuff on was due to waiters walking up and down the line with appetizers.  Hello mini-tacos!  That is what I call prime shopping.
 (Dress H&M, Kimono Nordstrom Rack, Sandals Crown Vintage, Sunnies H&M)

I also happened to have a doctors appointment the day I wore this {hence the neon pink band-aid making a small appearance on my finger - sorry, not a neon ring, ha}.  The receptionist asked me if I had to work after, to which I answered yes.  She goes "Well you must be the best dressed in the office!" - I knew I always loved that lady.  I'm going to take that compliment and run with it.  She knows how to make a girls day.  So needless to say, this was the best day of my week.  Sun, neon, sandals, compliments.  #cloudnine


  1. so cute i love this colorful kimono! and u definitely look like #happygirl :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. I need to trek over to mke to head to Nordstrom Rack, ASAP! I love this outfit -- wish I could pull that vibrant of a pattern off. #ijustwearalotofbasics

  3. well, aren't you just the cutest thing ever. love the kimono!

    xx, valerie @ lily on fillmore

  4. Nordstrom Rack is the best store ever!!!! I'm in love with your neon!!! Love the whole look!


  5. Beautiful post!



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