Well hello.  So I've been slacking.  Well, in terms of blogging.  I just haven't really had that go-get-em attitude towards it recently.  A typical blogger has this way of making everything look just amazing.  I haven't had the energy {or inspiration} to do that recently.  No creative juices flowing, I guess.  I'm hoping, hoping that with the weather warming up and not working full-time any more, it'll come back.  It's incredible how a crazy schedule can suck the life out of you, really, truly.
(Shirt F21, Button-Up J.Crew, Jeans Urban Outfitters, Shoes F21, Ring F21, Sunnies F21)

Another thing I'm ridiculously excited about is having daily devos back.  I realize I just don't do well when I don't spend time in the Word every morning.  I hated that I could only get that time on the weekends.  I realize it's a luxury to not have to work full-time, and I deal with a bit guilt in terms of putting all the financial stress on the hubs.  I realize it's not completely realistic to demand a couple hours a day- every day- to just sit and reflect and pray {any maybe watch some Live! with Kelly and Michael and Ellen}.  That would be in my dream life, but for now, I'm going to attempt to embrace it and get it in while I can.  Me not working full-time is a bit of a catch-22 for Kellen and I.  We love the lifestyle we can have when I work, but I end up crabby and burnt out - falling into bed every night totally dreaded doing it all again the next day {too many those crazy 10-hour-days-with-no-lunch-break can damage a girl}.  Not working like mad, I have more time to be in the home - to cook and clean and just be - but then it seems like we don't venture out of the home as much {and have to cut out some of the shopping trips, ahem}.  "Work hard, play hard" has always been our motto.  And truthfully, I still think that's the winner in my book...  maybe I just haven't had to work as hard as I have in the past year and it took it's toll on me.  I'm not sure, but I'm word vomiting on you and talking in circles.  
On a Monday.  And that's not nice.
All in all, I think it comes to just trusting in the Lord.  In His plan.  In Him providing for our every need {but maybe not our every desire for a new outfit}. In not getting sucked into thinking comfort is king in this life.  So I'll leave you with that on a Monday morning.  Deep.  I know.


  1. Let me know if you find a good devo to follow. I completely understand about not finding the urge to blog -- we all go through that once in a while.

    Take care, dear.

  2. Thanks for posting, Jules. Your "All in all....." bout had me tearin' up... guess I needed to hear that. xo.

  3. Catching up on my blog reading... love this. Totally hear ya on everything you said! :)


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