Spring Runner 95

So there's this guy that walks around downtown Milwaukee.  He's a character.  He yells at you when you run by him. But he also gives you a high-five.  What does he yell, you ask?  Well, he keeps track of how many runners he sees each season.  During the winter I was "Winter runner number 89" and "winter runner number 278".  The other day I spotted him, got a high-five and "Spring runner number 95!"  The funny thing is he yells so loud, the first time it startled me so bad I ran even faster past him and ignored the high-five.  I didn't get what had happened for a good 5 seconds after.  Then I got it.  And I loved it.  Thanks buddy.  Thanks for the high-five and encouragement.  Great knowing I'm not the only one out here.
(Hat Lululemon, Jacket The North Face, Earrings Lizzibeth)

And sometimes my worlds of running and fashion collide.  Like when I forget to take out my Lizzibeth earrings before a run...  Just adding a little bling to those miles, you know.

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