Cool As Ice

There's something about tromping around in boots with bare legs that just makes me feel, well, cool.  If you follow Sincerely, Jules at all, you know that she is the Queen Bee of cool.  I swear she hasn't worn a thing I've hated yet.  I just see her going for boots and bare legs and well, if she goes for it, sure as heck I'm going for it.  I snagged these boots when we first moved to MKE, and although they don't make the rounds all that often, when they do, I'm so glad I got them {like their outing last summer}.
(Dress H&M, Sweater F21, Shoes Chinese Laundry, Bag F21, Sunnies Knockaround, Necklace F21)

So this weekend would have been Marathon Number 7 for me.  My inbox keeps getting blasted with race updates and packet pickup info.  Don't get me wrong, I know I made the right choice - no way in heck do I even remotely feel up for 26.2 at this point {I can't even run seven miles without stopping to pee three times}- but there is that little part of me that is beyond bummed I'm not running this race.  It's in Ogden, Utah - all downhill and along a canyon/river.  Hello, gorgeous.  Plus I was pretty revved up to smash my PR and {FINALLY} qualify for Boston.  But alas, God had other plans.  Maybe I just be one of those mommy-wonders that pop out a kid and is suddenly super hero athlete and can dominate the world.  I mean, that sounds great, right?  Righty-o.


  1. Girl, this little bump is making my heart so happy. So proud of you, mama!

  2. I'm shocked to see that none of the windblown pics made it in the post ;)

  3. I'm glad you make the correct decision for you. There will always be another marathon, lady!

  4. wow girl 7 marathons! i am just trying to work up to a 1/2 marathon! so inspired by you! anyways u look amazing this outfit is tdf!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion


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